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“I’m on that motivation music; I love to be emotionally driven by my lyrics, and I think that that is why they are so heart felt,” he explains.  “When you can reach others in ways that show all that we are more alike, than unalike; then others attract to you and have the opportunity to grow and be touched by your experiences.”


Growing up listening to artistic legends like the Notorious B.I.G, 2 Pac, Lauren Hill, and other such great songwriters, it is apparent exactly where some of his lyrical attributes gave birth from.  His fervency, versatility, contagious hooks and ability to spill his heart in his music proves to be confirmation that he will have no problem connecting to his audiences.


DROcasso is one of the artists on BYTC Inc.’s first project début, released in the spring of 2013 called “Love, Pain & Hip Hop”.  This sampler was the perfect platform for him to display his passion with songs like “So Much Pain” where he literally cries out for help in a time of trial, tribulation and disorder; Furthermore, DROcasso demonstrates how inspirational he can be with “Free At Last” which speaks on conquering a dark period of his life, overcoming incarceration and thanking God for using that experience to lead him in the direction of his dreams.  Then again, he can still get gritty with anthems like “Leggo” which speaks of the state of his city, Boston and how the streets that he loved so much brought him so much pain.  “Love, Pain & Hip Hop” conceptually proved to be the prefect outlet for DROcasso’s vision, contagious hooks and extraordinary song writing skills.


He started rapping in the early 90’s with a group called Mass Confusion that consisted of two rappers, K-Dawg and himself, plus a reggae chatter named Likle Red.  While being managed by his father, the group began to get a name by winning competitions around the Boston area and DROcasso’s love for the art of Hip Hop began to develop.  “This was the beginning of my journey in music,” he says, “that taste of success is what grew my hunger and adrenaline.  It became a rush.”


In 2000, he moved to NYC and became a member of the group SPEKZ which included his cousin Rojo.  The group was signed to a family owned record label called NY Demolition, owned by his aunt, La Atrevida.  They began stamping their imprint all over New York City with a selection of mix tapes and started establishing DROcasso as an artist who can deliver substance, in depth concepts and thought provoking content.


Throughout the years, BYTC Inc.’s DROcasso, has developed himself as an all around great artist.  He continues to intrigue minds with his ability by tapping into his emotions and experiences then consistently delivering it through amazing songs. “I’m here to supply audiences with music that stirs the heart, awakens the soul, and provides an avenue for all to live a piece of their life through my music,” he states.


“It’s more than music; it’s a movement towards greatness.” – BYTC Inc.

DOB: March 18th

Place of Birth: Boston, MA

Education:  J.E. Burke High School; Bunker Hill Community College; Long Island University

Activities: Music, Writing, Reading, Spiritual Journey, Marketing, Domestic & International Business
Monumental Moments:
1.  The day the LORD Almighty saved my life

2.  Graduating from Long Island University with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration/Marketing

3.   Completing my prison sentence in State Penitentary;  This period of time assisted in developing the man you see today and gave me a time to reflect and prepare for my destiny. 
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