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Welcome to the official home of BYTC INC.........Download LOVE, PAIN & HIP HOP The Sampler now........Unfortunately, the FREE HIP HOP T-shirts are now discontinued but the movement is still alive and strong......More BYTC INC. Merchandise coming soon........It's more than music, it's a movement towards greatness!
Label: BYTC INC.
Artist: DROcasso
Song: U Already

The following single is the first off BYTC INC. by DROcasso.  The song exhibits their determination to mark themselves as a legitimate force in Hip-Hop

"B.Y. bout to get it in, U ALREADY!"


Depuis 97 by Cicco Cinquante-Sept
On iTunes Now!!!
Also includes BYTC INC. members DROcasso, Trizz Raw Sharpe & Monymone on the songs "NO TIME" & "SALE"

Listen to a preview and download on iTunes


B.Y.T.C is the abbreviation for Back-Yard Coalition which is an entertainment company based out of Boston, MA.  Through lifestyles, our objective is to promote self expression, unity, empowerment, and greatness through tapping into the hearts and souls of every individual we come in contact with.  BYTC plans to provide a positive platform for all to express their talents and to be truly comfortable being themselves.

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